Fourth Star: Narrating a Century of Progress

My colleague Matthew Amyx summarized the narrative trajectory of our project very well on his blog post “The Narrative Goals of Fourth Star 1933.”

We are utilizing audio, video, and images for the site, which features a hidden object game. The story is that the user is a young person visiting family in Chicago during the Great Depression gets tickets to the fair. However, a strong guest of wind off of Lake Michigan blows them throughout the grounds, and it is up to the user to find them in order to experience different exhibits at the fair.

The track below by Blind Willie Johnson, “Dark was the Night,” plays over our Ken Burns-style intro video.

Having so many audio and visual elements will help our social media strategy, as we have a lot of media that can be shared through various social media platforms. Our hope is that after viewing the intro video and understanding the narrative of our project, viewers will be persuaded to visit our site.


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